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The Bottom Line with Marilyn A. Parham CPA is founded and supported by a real life CPA.  In addition to Marilyn's efforts as a CPA, she has a team of cloud accountants, client care specialists, and online business experts who help her provide crazy mad useful support to the online entrepreneurs and retailers we serve through this site, on our blog, podcast, and with our free and paid services.

BUT, the BOTTOM LINE of all this rests in the fact that ANY and ALL communications on this site, our blog, podcast, email, in digital products, trainings, etc. are to be used for educational and informational purposes only when it comes to all the accounting, tax, payroll, financial, and business matters we discuss.  Your interaction on this site, a review of its resources, or the purchase of online products does not create a client relationship with you and Marilyn as a CPA or her team, contractors, associates, partners, or affiliates.

Visiting should in no way substitute your need to seek the advice of and/or hire your own attorney, accountant, financial planner, business consultant, or tax specialist to meet the personal and unique needs of your business, its entity structure, accounting and bookkeeping, financial management, tax situations, intellectual property, or any other financial or business-related matters we may deal with and discuss.

The Bottom Line with Marilyn A. Parham CPA and its employees, contractors, partners, or affiliates cannot guarantee the business, financial, or tax outcome following the recommendations provided and our statements about the potential outcome are expressions of opinion only.  We make no guarantees about the information and recommendations provided herein.

By continuing to use, read, and participate in this site, our blog, podcast, email series, free and/or paid trainings, you acknowledge that we cannot guarantee any particular results, as such outcomes are based on subjective factors that are not within our control. Therefore, following any information or recommendations provided on this site, our blog, podcast, email series, free and/or paid trainings are at your own risk.

If you need accounting, tax, payroll, financial, and business advice, you should hire your own attorney, accountant, financial planner, business consultant, tax specialist or other professional to assist with your unique financial and business needs.

Basically, business and finances comes with risk.  You know the deal, right?  No matter what YOU are responsible for you and your own business….. handle it accordingly.


We make it NO secret that this site is our business and one of many ways we make a living around here….. and create jobs that make a living for many other cool people on our local team and all over the world.  There's nothing more exciting than creating income and jobs!  🙂  It's why we wanted to move this accounting stuff online to begin with — growth — and you're a part of it!

Doesn't it feel awesome knowing that what even the smallest thing you do like clicking on a link, buying a book, or enrolling in that program you've been putting off in fear for way too long is up to great good!  I know it sure does help encourage us to get “click happy” when we visit the sites of friends, clients, and other amazing entrepreneurs impacting the world in big ways.  🙂

We digress…. all that being said, you likely already know but we are going to put it on here loud and proud that when you find a link on our website, an image that links to somewhere cool, or a link inside an email we sent you for a product you purchased based on our recommendation, we may receive compensation in the form of commission when you click on it or decide to purchase that thing we linked to in the first place.

Not every link you see and click on makes us money, but sometimes we do.  We tell you this to be completely up front about what we're up to here at The Bottom Line with Marilyn A. Parham CPA…. not to mention the fact that it would be illegal if we didn't share this information with you.  Just know that we are social entrepreneurs who believe in supporting the greater good and worthwhile causes along the way with our hard earned dollars.  We appreciate every single ounce of support we receive from our site visitors, subscribers, members, and clients!

It's also important to share that we do only recommend persons, products, or services we've personally used, experienced, and/or considered to be of the highest quality and value, whether an affiliate relationship exists or not.  We don't withhold goodies from those we love (like you!) simply because we wouldn't get paid to do so.  We share because we care!  🙂

Updated: March 2015

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